Flying Eagle F6S FALCON Inline Skates


Flying Eagle F6S FALCON Inline Skates (size38-45 US warehouse in stock)


Sizing Tips:
These skates are true to size. Zero break-ins are required. If the skates do not come in half sizes or doubt your true size, then round your size up.
Generally, choose the size of your own skates according to the number of sports shoes. If your instep is relatively high or your feet are relatively wide, it is recommended that you choose a larger size of skates



Size Selection:
Size / Sole Length (mm) / Foot Length (mm)

36 / 225 / 215-225
37 / 233 / 225-233
38 / 240 / 233-238
39 / 245 / 238-245
40 / 250 / 243-248
41 / 255 / 249-255
42 / 260 / 253-258
43 / 270 / 259-270
44 / 275 / 268-273
45 / 285 / 274-285
46 / 290 / 283-288


Flying Eagle F6S Falcon Skates.Dark green shells and EGO Frames (rockerable) let you go from urban to freestyle slalom in seconds. Solid aluminum base plates allow for multiple frame mounting positions. The F6S is impressive for its versatility, performance, and price.

EGO’s are strong extruded aluminum that rocker by flipping axles in 1st and 4th position. And are very practical to switch between flat and banana wheels at any time. Aluminum frame mounting plates further add response and synergy between boot and frame. Removable Flying Eagle Liners are again super-comfortable out of the box without the need for break-in. High rebound 85A wheels are fast and smooth (76mm or 80mm depending on skate size with ABEC7 bearings.

Upper shoe: strengthen shoe shell, elastic liner for different foot types

Base: EGO professional FSK bracket, intelligent nail piercing design, flat wheel and banana configuration switch at any time

Size 36-40 231MM (Frame length)
Size 41-44 243MM (Frame length)

Wheel: Exlipse 85A Ultra high elastic wheel

Size 36-40 76MM flat wheel configuration
Size 41-44 80MM flat wheel configuration

Bearing: FE ABEC-7 608RS

– Comfortable and supportive boot, yet flexible to perform tricks
– EGO’s are strong extruded aluminum that rocker by flipping axles in 1st and 4th position
– One of the most comfortable liner
– Neoprene box to wrap around each individual’s toe shape
– The FE EGO frame is well designed to serve urban and freestyle slalom skating
– Quick customization by easily switching to any FE frames


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